In the past, significant historic structures possessed alternative construction fabrics. Materials such as stone, brick, granite, cast stone and terra-cotta are all commonly encountered on these buildings. These products are unique in appearance and provide architectural enhancements associated with such details as belt courses, cornices, water tables, entablatures, etc. Although these products have stood the test of time, they are not maintenance-free. Substrate deterioration from cracks and surface erosion contribute to structural deficiencies from freeze/thaw attack and corrosion development. If left unattended, these defects can lead to public safety concerns and expensive cumulative repairs.

Let WxProofing assist your firm with visual assessment surveys to actual repairs. Our craftsmen have experience in masonry cleaning, through wall flashing induction, pointing, patching, pinning and replication. All work is performed in accordance with repair guidelines outlined in the Preservation Briefs by the National Park Service (NPS).


Another substrate needing attention is concrete. Cracks and inadequate reinforcing bar coverage results in high levels of chlorides and resulting corrosion activity. WxProofing’s experts can assist with crack treatment, patching, topical protection to structural strengthening.

Our services include:

  • Masonry Patching & Pinning
  • Mortar Joint Pointing
  • Masonry Through Wall Flashing Induction
  • Concrete Spall Patching
  • Concrete Slab Joint Nosing Repair
  • Stone Patching, Pinning, Pointing & Replication
  • Terra-Cotta Patching, Pinning, Pointing & Replication
  • Masonry/Concrete Cleaning
  • Synthetic/Hard Coat Stucco Patching & Protection
  • Structural Strengthening (Carbon Fiber & Stitch Rods)

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